Apply for the Fellowship now!

The LSA Fellowship Scheme is open to receive applications from a new entrant or a developing manager within Horticulture.

Here are our top reasons for applying:

  • Increase your understanding of the commercial horticulture industry and the role that trade bodies play in the development of industry strategies.
  • A two-year scheme increasing your knowledge of current research and wider industry issues.
  • You will be awarded a bursary of up to £3,000 which you can draw down on to cover your activities within the scheme.
  • Opportunity to attend meetings and study tours across the horticulture sector, covering technical, strategic and marketing.
  • Chance to experience the entire horticulture industry from Lettuce production to Hardy Shrub production.

But don’t just take it from us:

“I have not been disappointed by my time on the LSA CT Fellowship Scheme. I’ve met some great people and learned so much from numerous different events we’ve been given the opportunity to attend; all in the first seven months of a two year programme. I would encourage any young person embarking on their horticultural career to apply and I’d encourage their employers to give them their full support along the way. By the end of the scheme, you’ll have a more confident, better informed and better connected colleague on your team.”

Libby Rowland, Vitacress.

“The LSA Fellowship Scheme provides an excellent opportunity for Fellows to broaden their knowledge across different sectors of horticulture and encourages a collaborative approach.  At Vitacress, we believe it is vital to the industry to help develop the next generation of expertise to keep horticulture moving forward and this scheme helps to stimulate an engaged and innovative outlook.”

Simon Budge, Agronomist, Vitacress

The scheme will help to develop the future leaders of the commercial horticulture industry and is being supported by the National Farmers Union, British Growers Association, The Horticultural Trades Association, the Chartered Institute of Horticulture and Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board

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