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The Fellowship Scheme

The LSA Charitable Trust have bought together a selection of leading horticultural organisations to help shape a Fellowship Scheme; which will help cultivate and mature prospective industry leaders: safeguarding our industry’s future.

The Fellowship has been launched to develop the next leaders of the commercial horticulture industry; assisting developing professionals in the industry to become more engaged with its strategic leadership.

Throughout the scheme the fellows will increase their understanding of the role played by trade bodies and their associated committees in the development of industry strategies and communications with government.

In addition, it will help to increase their knowledge of current research and increase their ability to evaluate the possible impact this will have on the industry. There will be communications between those on the scheme and a wide range of contacts in other businesses, trade bodies and research organisations.

The scheme is being supported by the National Famers Union, British Growers Association, The Horticultural Trades Association, the Chartered Institute of Horticulture and the Agricultural and Horticultural development Board

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